Camsurf – About Us

about camsurf

Camsurf is a safe, fun, and family-friendly random chat site that allows users to connect with people from all over the world. Unlike many other random chat sites which are designed for adults and feature heavy adult content, Camsurf is actively moderated to create an environment suitable for the whole family. With this idea at the core of our service, we offer users an easy-to-use, fun, and free platform where they can engage in conversation with random people and make new friends.

Our Background

Camsurf was born from the frustration of being unable to find any random chat site where users could relax and make new friends without coming across a ton of explicit images. Although there are many random chat platforms to choose from, none of them could offer complete safety from adult content. From this frustration, an idea to take matters into our own hands and create a family-friendly random chat platform led to the founding of Camsurf, a concept where users could chat to strangers via webcam without the fear of seeing unwanted nudity or adult material. Today, we employ a large team of moderators who help to ensure that Camsurf remains a friendly and safe chatting platform for users of all ages.

Why we’re Different

The main feature which makes us stand out from the crowd is our intolerance for adult behavior and material. We strictly enforce our rules to keep the chatting environment safe for all users, and instead promote our service as a means of meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures and as a way of making new friends.

Around our central idea of safe chat, we have built a platform which is simple to use and comes packed with great features. Our service is 100% free, with users able to begin chatting by simply enabling their webcam and clicking on the large ‘Start’ button. Our servers are fast and reliable, ensuring that connection speeds are superior, even when connecting to someone from the other side of the world. We also offer users the ability to choose the location of users they wish to connect with, providing a great way to learn a new language or find out about a different culture.

Our Aim

At Camsurf, we strive to provide the safest and most user-friendly random chat service on the web. Our aim is to offer users a haven from adult content and material, and provide an environment that is suitable for the whole family. We take great strides to achieve this by employing a large team of moderators and strictly enforcing our rules to keep the platform safe, welcoming, and friendly. We are always happy to hear feedback from our users and take all suggestions for improvements to our service under consideration.