Video Chat FAQ

How to Start

How do I begin viewing webcams?

To start viewing random people on webcam, simply press on "Allow" and then press on the large "Start" button.

Can I filter the people that I see?

As a random chat site, we have not developed many filters because we want to keep the entire concept of this chat site random. However, you do have the ability to filter users according to their location. In order to do so, click on the Country dropdown menu near the top of the screen and choose a country that you wish to meet people from. You can either choose to meet people from one country at a time or you can view all users randomly.

How do I talk to strangers I meet?

There are two ways for you to communicate with the people you meet on CamSurf - you can either text chat by typing in the text area or you can talk directly into the microphone/webcam if you have enabled your microphone.

I don't like the person I'm talking to - how do I meet someone new?

Swapping between users is the easiest thing ever! Simply press on the "Next" button, which is located under your own webcam and you will instantly be brought to someone else's webcam. Keep pressing the "Next" button to go from cam to cam.

Can I stop seeing webcams without exiting the website?

Absolutely! There is a "Stop" button located right under your webcam screen - press it at any time to immediately stop viewing webcams. You can resume viewing webcams at any time by pressing on the "Start" button.

Common Issues

It says I'm from a different country.

CamSurf determines your country according to your IP. The most common reason for your country being wrong is that you are using a proxy or you are using an IP that is based in a different country. If you are not using a proxy, please contact our support team for additional assistance.

Webcam FAQs

CamSurf isn't detecting my webcam.

First, make sure that your webcam is plugged in properly and is turned on. Next, verify that your firewall isn't blocking access to your webcam. Try turning off your firewall completely to see if the problem gets resolved. If your webcam still isn't detected even when your firewall is turned off, contact our support team for further assistance.

My webcam seems to be working fine, but others cannot see me.

If you can see yourself in your webcam screen area and your webcam seems to be working fine, but others cannot see you, contact our support team and provide the following information:

  1. Your internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  2. Your operating system (Windows 10, OS X Yosemite)
  3. Your type of internet connection (DSL, Wi-Fi, Cable)

We will look into the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

Terms and Community Guideline FAQ

Below are some common questions regarding how CamSurf exercises their discretion to ban or suspend users for violating our Terms of Use, and how the examples given in our Community Guidelines are used to alert us that such a violation is threatened or imminent.

Are users allowed to record the webcam of others and post it online?

Recording and distributing the content broadcast by another user without their permission may be a violation of our Terms, and that Users rights to publicity and privacy, or under copyright law. In some limited instances you may chose to record abusive behavior, or behavior you believe to be a violation of our Terms of Use — CamSurf can make no determination when this may be warranted, but will review the material if submitted to us. As our Privacy policy explains, there may be instances where other users record of broadcast your content without your consent. If you become aware of this please report it. Although such recording, and distribution is against our Terms and Policies, be aware that it can occur, whether or not permitted, accordingly we advise that you don't do anything that you wouldn't want others to see. While we prohibit such recordings, be aware it could happen and in some cases neither you, nor CamSurf would be aware of it at the time.

Can I save the text chats?

The same provisions as those above apply to content delivered as chat. In limited circumstances it may be permissible to save content for your own use, or to keep a record, but we do not provide you with any tools to do so.

Abuse FAQs

How do I report someone with an inappropriate behavior?

If you are subjected to behavior from another user you believe to be in violation of our Terms of Use, this should be reported to CamSurf immediately especially if that behavior is persistent and harassing. You may do so by pressing on the "Report Abuse" button located on the user's webcam when hovering. If you see nudity, abusive or illegal behavior, please report it, so appropriate actions may be taken where we believe they are warranted. Including reporting it to the appropriate authorities.

What happens when I report someone for abuse?

We will take appropriate actions, considering your report and any information collected or provided. Depending on our decision — OR in the period in which a decision is being made — that User may be banned while the issue is being reviewed, or as a finding of our review, they may be banned or permanently suspended.

What can I do if I was banned for abuse?

Users who have been banned, will receive a notification identifying the length of the ban and other information, which we may provide, at our discretion. The length of a ban is determined based on a number of factors, including the conduct being reported, as well as that User's history of past complaints or violations under our Terms. In some instances, Users may have the option to expedite the review period, or ban, by using our Fast Track service. The availability or use of this service, is at CamSurf's discretion, and will not be offered to Users who have demonstrated a pattern of violations of our Terms of Use. Fast Track services do NOT relieve Users of their obligation to observe our Terms of Use in the future.


Why Do Users Get Banned?

CamSurf users may be banned when CamSurf reasonably believes a violation of our Terms of Use has occurred. Reviewing our Acceptable Use Policy contained in the Terms of Use will explain many of the circumstances that constitute a violation. Our Community Guidelines page offers some illustrations, and suggestions, to avoid having your account banned, or possibly permanently suspended.

How Can I Get Unbanned?

You must either wait the duration of the period of the ban that will be communicated to you via our Service. In some instances, you may be provided the opportunity to have your User activity reviewed immediately and reinstated, if we believe appropriate by using our Fast Track services. Cam Surf is not under a duty to offer this service to all users.

How Long Does the Ban Last?

The Ban Screen, viewable when entering chat, will provide you with this information. A number of factors determine the length of your ban, including the severity of the activity reported, the number of past similar instances, as well as the length of your ban. Ban duration is the amount of time, CamSurf has reasonably determined the matter will take to review in order to ensure our Service remains safe and adheres to community guidelines.

Why are Some Bans Permanent?

CamSurf may decide in some instances to convert a ban into a permanent suspension, if they find that the frequency or nature of your violation presents an appreciable threat to our Service.

What If I Was Wrongly Banned?

CamSurf strives to maintain accuracy in the use of our banning system. The duration of the ban is a calculation we feel is reasonable. Providing a safe community is among our main goals, and one of the reasons you have chosen to use CamSurf. If you feel another User has reported you in order to harass you, we advise that you report this to us, misuse of any portion of the CamSurf services can constitute a violation, and we will deal with such abuse accordingly.
DISCLAIMER: All guidance, whether in the form of Guidelines, or Frequently Asked Questions, is meant to supplement or explain provisions in the Terms of Use. Nothing contained in this guidance should be construed to limit our Terms, in the event of any conflict between this guidance, and our Terms, the Terms control, nothing contained herein is presented as an exhaustive list of prohibited behaviors.