Can I Filter Who I Chat With?

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If you are curious about Camsurf, but wondering how it works and if you have control of who you talk to, the short answer is yes. You can filter who you talk with — that’s the whole intention. We want you to be able to find someone you really connect with and are able to enjoy having a conversation with online. The purpose of Camsurf isn’t to connect you with random strangers and make you chat with them. The purpose is to introduce you to random strangers and have you filter until you find someone you actually want to chat with.

OK, So…How Does it Work?

Solid question. It works by you signing on and chatting. You will be connected with people in the location you ask for and then you can start chatting instantly. If you are connected with someone you do not wish to chat with, simply be respectful and move to the next. We do ask you to be respectful in this process, but we make it super simple. Click “Next” until you find someone you want to chat with.

As you make your way through people the hope is that you will find someone who interests you and with whom who can talk to and have fun with! The idea is to meet someone, to chat, flirt, talk, whatever you are there to do. The hope is that you will meet someone who is looking for the same thing you are so you can both find value in your time.

What Types of People Can I Expect to Meet?

Well, this is just like online dating…you never know! You will likely meet all types of people with varying intentions and desires. Before you start chatting with random strangers online, it is a good idea to think about what it is YOU want out of this. Maybe you’re bored and just want someone to talk to. Maybe you want to find someone funny who will make you laugh after a stressful day. Maybe you are looking for more of a relationship where you will meet someone and continue to talk. Who knows? But, whatever you are looking for, chances are there is someone or multiple someones out there looking for the same thing.

With millions of members, there are people on at all times. It may take a while to find the person you are interested in, but it will happen. You will never know what is out there until you give it a try. Thousands of people are chatting online and meeting new people every day on Camsurf. You can too! In today’s world where it is harder than ever to meet people, online chatting is where it’s at. More and more people hop on every day to use our random video chatting app!

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